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262 Behind The Scenes of The Fitness Business Podcast with Chantal Brodrick

262 Behind The Scenes of The Fitness Business Podcast with Chantal Brodrick

This weeks guest is our very own host – Chantal Brodrick!  Chantal worked for 15 years in senior sales and marketing roles in the media industry before transitioning careers. In 2008 she became a qualified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Soon after she combined her corporate background with her love of fitness and became a Fitness Business Coach. In 2015 Chantal became the host of The Fitness Business Podcast. 

Chantal has interviewed over 300 fitness industry leaders, coaches, consultants and authors including Jim Worthington, Rick Caro, Bill McBride, Brent Darden, Derek Gallup, Allison Flatley, Mo Hagan, Carrie Kepple, Emma Barry, Ryan Holiday, Jeb Blount, Michelle Segar and hundreds more.

In 2019 Chantal was recognised as 1 of 20 ‘Women Who Inspire’ by IHRSA’s Club Business International Magazine and this year she is a featured speaker and MC at industry events across the world including, IHRSA, FILEX, IDEA, Athletic Business Show and FITEX.

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080 Carol Michaels – The Future of the Fitness Industry Is Working with the Medical Fraternity

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