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Dori Nugent – Weekly Host

Why I still love being a podcast host?

I love a new challenge! I embrace change and I welcome learning a new skill set.


Well, being a podcast host certainly has checked all of those boxes, but it hasn’t been easy! However, the guests have been patient while I craft my own skill and style and my FBP teammates have inspired me to continue to strive for excellence. One of the coolest aspects about the podcast, is that on any given day


I could interview guests from Singapore, Australia and Canada all in the same day! I like to joke and say, “I’ve been around the world all by lunchtime!” I can’t more grateful for this golden opportunity to serve our FBP family.


If you have any questions about the weekly show or if you want to request a topic for us to cover, then please pop me an email at, I’d love to hear from you!


What 2020 taught me?

2020 has taught me 2 things:

1.) To become comfortable with being uncomfortable.
2.) Take action on your dreams

Hence the spontaneous move, where my family and I left all of our family and friends, to set up residency on a small island in Florida.

What will be the name of my autobiography?

1990 Destination Unknown

Rock Legend or Sporting Legend?

Sports Legend

Four people (alive or passed) that I’d love to have at the same dinner table & why

Marcus Lutrell
– As a humble, post 9/11 war hero, his inspiring stories are always filled with deep rooted words of courage, patriotism and a “Never Quit Attitude.”

Will Ferrel – I love to laugh! Can you imagine spending 2 hours with the man that played “ELF”

Madonna – Master marketer, female powerhouse, a superior work ethic, a barrier breaker, and a genius at branding…need I say more!

Barbara Walters – Oh, what I wouldn’t give to ask her for some interviewing advice over a glass of wine. Between her polished interviewing ability and her knack for connecting with her followers, makes her one of my professional icons. With do respect, she would sit at the head of the table!

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