527 Navigating the Blue Ocean: The Power of Endings and Other Business Lessons with JT Tamsett on our Final Episode

527 Navigating the Blue Ocean: The Power of Endings and Other Business Lessons with JT Tamsett on our Final Episode

 The Fitness Business Podcast has been a beacon of education and inspiration for fitness business owners around the world. It has provided a platform for industry experts to share their knowledge and insights, helping listeners improve their businesses and achieve their goals. While the podcast may be taking a pause for now, the impact it has made will continue to resonate within the fitness industry.

As we look to the future, we can expect new opportunities and ventures from the hosts of the Fitness Business Podcast. Their expertise and passion for the industry will undoubtedly lead to new ventures that will continue to shape the fitness business landscape.

In the words of JT Tamsett, “You never say never.” So, while this may be the end of the Fitness Business podcast for now, who knows what the future holds? – Dori Nugent, Weekly Host

about our guest

Justin Tamsett, Australia’s most awarded fitness business speaker, is an internationally recognized thought leader known for his unique delivery and quality content. Starting as a gym instructor in 1989 and later opening clubs until 2008, he’s been chairing REX Roundtables since 2005 in Australia. He joined the US team in 2020, focusing on owners, suppliers, and franchisees. With over 500 visits to fitness facilities since 2015 for a genuine consumer experience, he receives hundreds of gym emails monthly, providing a global overview of the industry. As the owner of The Fitness Business Podcast, deemed the world’s #1 podcast for gym owners and staff, Justin brings a wealth of expertise to the fitness business.


In our final episode, JT explains the difference between a blue ocean and a red ocean in the marketplace, highlighting the importance of finding new opportunities and creating unique niches. JT also distinguishes between trends and fads, emphasizing the significance of long-lasting styles and habits. He emphasizes the importance of strategy and planning, explaining how they support each other in achieving business goals. Lastly, JT discusses the misconception that quitting or ending a project is a sign of failure, emphasizing the importance of recognizing when to move on and focus energy elsewhere.

What you’ll learn

  • The Difference Between a Blue Ocean and a Bloody Red Ocean
  • Trend vs. Fad: Understanding the Difference
  • The Relationship Between Strategy and Planning
  • Quitting or Ending a Project: Not a Sign of Failure

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