017 Rhys Cutifani – Gym Franchise Ownership from a Multi-Club Owner

017 Rhys Cutifani – Gym Franchise Ownership from a Multi-Club Owner

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Working in almost every role a fitness business has to offer, Rhys Cutifani was General Manager of the Southern Cross Health Club when awarded Australian Health & Fitness Facility of the year by Fitness Australia in 2008.

Over the last 6 years Rhys & his wife Bridie have opened 18 Anytime Fitness Franchises and currently own and operate 7 AF clubs around Australia. They were awarded Australian Franchisee’s of the year in 2009 & 2010, and most recently won International Franchisee of the Year 2013. Rhys’ group of clubs goal is to ‘add 100,000 healthy life years by 2020’ to their members lives. During the show Rhys talks about the main differences between a franchise club and an independent club, the importance of community involvement in business success and his top keys to success for a franchise club owner.

Our second guest, Troy Morgan is from Willows Health Group and a long time member of REX Roundtables. He gives us a insights into his experiences with a Roundtable group, the meetings, the tasks, the accountability and the support from other members.

Top Tips From The Show

  • Franchise ownership opens you up to an instant network of people who are in the same situation, so you can share and learn from others.
  • Community engagement should form part of your key strategy for a franchise business.
  • People care about local projects, giving back to those in their community.
  • If you choose to own a franchise, stick with the model, don’t try and change it, people need to have a consistent experience.
  • Utilize the network of your franchise. Talk, share and connect with others in your network, they are going through the same as you.

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show

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