080 Carol Michaels – The Future of the Fitness Industry Is Working with the Medical Fraternity

080 Carol Michaels – The Future of the Fitness Industry Is Working with the Medical Fraternity



Carol Michaels

Carol Michaels is the owner of Carol Michaels Fitness and Recovery Fitness LLC which is a cancer exercise program, developed to improve recovery from cancer surgery and treatments.  She is also the IDEA Personal Trainer of the year 2016.  During the interview Carol talks about her journey to building Recovery Fitness and also gives us an insight into how she approached and established relationships with the medical industry to help develop and support the program.

Also coming up later in the show is another amazing woman in fitness, Jessica Glazer. I first came across Jess on my Instagram feed, it was her image of a Fitness game for kids that got my attention and I soon found out Jess is an incredible role model and advocate for keeping kids fit, and she shares today a few of the ways she has made fitness FUN!

Top Tips From The Show


Rather than leave you with our traditional take-aways, this week I want to remind you of some of the key things that Carol said:

  • I saw there were so many people suffering from Cancer and they had no where to go to improve their recovery – think about if that sounds familiar in the community you live in.
  • I have seen so many people have to drop out of their regular gyms because they couldn’t provide them with the exercise programming that was needed for their particular situation.
  • So many side effects can be managed through proper exercise.


Inspirational Quotes From The Experts


“Strong relationships and friendships will lead to referrals” – Carol Michaels

“We have to keep fitness FUN!” – Jessica Glazer

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show


Carol Michaels

Jessica Glazer


Book Recommendation by QFF Sherry Pagoto
Man’s Search For Meaning

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