035 Sean Bestor – How Fitness Professionals Can Maximize Online Leads – Part 1

035 Sean Bestor – How Fitness Professionals Can Maximize Online Leads – Part 1

Sean Bestor

Sean Bestor is an award-winning copywriter and marketer at LeadPages. He writes blog posts, emails, scripts, ads, webinars, landing pages…the list goes on and on. He’s one of the 69 Top List Building Experts in the nation, and he’s written for prominent brands like Best Buy, Target and even the entire city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

During this weeks show, Sean helps us define some common online jargon, 3 key steps for an online campaign, he gives us tips for engaging with our audience online, and we chat about the importance of blogging!

Top Tips From The Show

A funnel is the journey someone takes from being aware of your brand or product, to actually becoming a customer.

Campaigns are about three main things, attract, engage and sell.

To attract people into your campaign funnel – ensure you leverage social media channels.

Grow your Facebook page by crafting a personal message to the people you think would be most interested in your business page (rather than relying on the automatic function that Facebook gives you).

Inspirational Quotes From The Experts

“Make sure your blogs are consistent and valuable” Sean Bestor

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show

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