129 Rick Caro: The Ultimate Guide to Selling a Fitness Club, Studio or Facility

129 Rick Caro: The Ultimate Guide to Selling a Fitness Club, Studio or Facility

Rick has been in the health club industry for 44 years as club owner, operator, Chairman of the 10th largest U.S. club company and as a consultant of over 3,000 assignments. Rick runs 2 major industry events, sits on Boards and Advisory Boards of several companies serving the club industry. He wrote the Financial Management textbook for the industry and has received every award, including the only recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award. He is known for his market analyses, club valuations, expert witness testimony and especially, his knowledge of club finances.

During the show we focus on 5 key areas. Rick starts by sharing his thoughts on selling a club, studio or any type of fitness facility, next up we discuss why so few deals are actually getting done in this industry. He then talks us through the 5 phases of selling a club, he answers the question, why don’t clubs simply use a club Business Broker? And last of all we discuss who are potential buyers?

What you’ll learn

  • The 5 phases of selling a club
  • Why don’t clubs use a business broker?
  • Who are potential buyers?

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Resources shared in the show

Rick Caro https://www.mgmtvision.com/
IHRSA Awards Women Leader Award  http://www.ihrsa.org/awards
Recommended by Dr Bill Sukala www.Problogger.com

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