378 How to Generate Organic Leads for Your Fitness Business

378 How to Generate Organic Leads for Your Fitness Business

Do you ever feel like you spend hours creating and posting content on your social media pages, but it just doesn’t get the response, cut through or engagement you’re hoping for? This episode will walk you through 4 content creation exercises to increase customer engagement and 5 call to action methods to help generate conversations and leads. Dan Henerson is the Chief Problem Solver at Dan Henderson Coaching. He is the founder of the ‘Game Changer’ and ‘Success Club’ coaching programs and is a dynamic presenter who delivers workshops to fitness professionals worldwide. He coaches over 120 businesses on how to have more impact, profit and income. He is a gym owner and has owned multiple facilities over the last 15 years. He is a published author and has presented at major Fitness Conferences around the world.

Your Podcast Snapshot

  • Why you should use organic marketing
  • How to craft your message so your content stands out
  • How to generate clients using organic marketing
  • KeepMe Fitbizpiration: What mediums you should be using and what are the latest trends

Resources Our Expert Shared in the Show

Content Exercises 

  • 4 Forces – to understand your prospects
  • Stand For/Against exercise
  • Content Filter exercise
  • The Grid – for content ideas

Call to Action Methods

  • 2 -step Opt in method
  • Blunt post
  • 9 Words
  • 5/1/30
  • Super signature

Book Recommendation

Deep Work – Cal Newport

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Dan Henderson
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