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019 Randal Godden – The Keys to Business Success & Profitability Every Business Owner Should Know

019 Randal Godden – The Keys to Business Success & Profitability Every Business Owner Should Know

Randal Godden

Randal Godden is the CEO and a chairman of VISTAGE South Africa and also operates as a Strategic Management Consultant and Company Director in South Africa and internationally.   His career spans over 50 years, and includes line management experience, Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer plus strategic consulting and mentoring to clients in a broad range of industries. During this weeks show we ask Randal:

  • The top 4 things you must have in your business plan
  • What you should include when tracking your Key Performance Indicators
  • What to look for in a good accountant
  • The 4 key areas you need to manage and focus on, if you want to be profitable.

Also in this weeks show, we hear from Ryan Conover from Miramont Lifestyle Fitness in Fort Collins. He shares his experience from implementing Tribe Team Training into one of their facilities.

Top Tips From The Show

  • Key Performance Indicators are not just about money, they may also be about performance.
  • A good financial advisor should be able to ask questions and give guidance as to where the focus should be.
  • Advertising and promotion is one key but important element marketing is not the only one.
  • What is crucial in every business is to understand unequivocally who are the clients we want to focus on.
  • Select a team of people that gives you the greatest chance of success.

Inspirational Quotes From The Experts

For anyone starting or running a business, one of the most important things they need is a Business Plan – Randal Godden

In business what you delegate effectively, and hold people accountable for is great, but what you don’t delegate, gets delegated upwards to you – Randal Godden

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show

Randal Godden

Vistage International
International Website
South African Website

Tribe Team Training
International Website
Australian Website

Miramont Lifestyle Fitness

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