512 Current Fitness Industry Challenges with JT

512 Current Fitness Industry Challenges with JT

about our guest

Justin is a fitness industry lifer!

From 1988 to 2008, Justin was a personal trainer, sales person, club manager and multi-club owner.  A chronic illness, says he changed directions and became a global industry consultant, leading to becoming global speakers, winning the Australian Fitness Network Presenter of the Year in 2008, and his induction into the Fitness Australia Roll of Honour in 2011.

He is the owner of the Fitness Business Podcast, regarded as the world’s #1 podcast that comes out every week with experts that will enhance businesses, performances and careers

He now facilities 8 REX Roundtables in the US and Australia for gym owners, PT business owners, franchise owners, boutique owners and suppliers.  Straddling the US and Australian industries makes him one of this world’s most industry aware individuals.

His company Mystery Shopping For Fitness Businesses exclusively mystery shops fitness businesses in Australia, providing owners immensely powerful information on strengths and weaknesses of their sales systems.

In this show you’ll hear about

  • Getting the right people by being an employer of choice
  • Power of social media, not sales media
  • We are still a sales business, but we can be better
  • Sharpen the soft skills of communication
  • Knowing the data and the actions that impact that data
  • No more using the pandemic

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