467 Current Affairs In The Fitness Industry with Kaumil Gajrawala

467 Current Affairs In The Fitness Industry with Kaumil Gajrawala

Welcome to a NEW show on the Fitness Business Podcast we’re calling Industry Current Affairs and we launch with Kaumil Gajarwala from Credit Suisse.

Kaumil Gajrawala is a Managing Director covering the Beverage, Household, Personal Care and Wellness sectors for Credit Suisse. Kaumil is the first sell-side analyst to analyze Wellness companies (including Fitness, Outdoor Recreation, Healthy Food and Beverage) as a stand- alone vertical. He brings 24 years of analytical experience to this role both on the buy-side and sell-side, with 20 years focused on the consumer sector. Most recently, Kaumil covered global consumer products at Manikay Partners, an investment firm. Prior to Manikay, he was a top-3 ranked Beverage analyst at UBS, according to Institutional Investor. Kaumil holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Rutgers University and currently resides in New Jersey

what you’ll learn

In a report Kaumil released in June 2021, it was forecasted that from 2018 to 2024, the wellness economy – including fitness – could grow 7.1% annually, with many sub-segments growing quite a bit faster.

Over that time we’ve had a pandemic, inflation, labour shortages, world leaders turnover and even the media telling us there is an impending recession.  Find out what Kaumil thinks of our industry from an investors perspective. 

  • What do investors think of the fitness industry post-pandemic?
  • Has the recession had any impact on the fitness & wellness industry?
  • What emcompasses the wellness economy from your perspective?
  • How important is wellness to today’s consumer?
  • How can the fitness industry capitalize on this?
  • Thoughts on Peleton and fitness based company stocks in 2022
  • What other trends are you seeing?

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