227 A 15 Minute Financial Health Check for Fitness Professionals

227 A 15 Minute Financial Health Check for Fitness Professionals

Andrea Hovel the co-owner of Healthier Bookkeeping,  an accounting business that caters specifically for the health and fitness industry.  In this weeks episode, Andrea takes us through a quick Financial Health Check to ensure we are on top of the key metrics in our business and can be aware of any red flags to look out for.

What you’ll learn

  • The first step to doing a Financial Health Check
  • How to best use this information to benefit your business
  • 3 ways to keep your finances healthy for the long term


Precor Quick Fire Five Guest, Tim Oberg

Tim Oberg

Resources our experts shared in the show

Andrea Hovel: Website | Facebook

Monthly financial health check up checklist

Podcast recommended by Tim Oberg


Tribe Team Training


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