018 Justin Tamsett – Fitness Businesses That Have Embraced Local Love & Rewarded Status

018 Justin Tamsett – Fitness Businesses That Have Embraced Local Love & Rewarded Status



Justin Tamsett is the Managing Director of Active Management. He has managed and owned fitness clubs since 1990, and now travels the globe speaking on topics from business skills to work-life balance. This weeks show we chat about how not to handle a customer complaint, What to do to ensure you monitor online activity about your business, plus we look at real life examples of businesses that have embraced Local Love and Rewarded Status.

Also in this weeks show, we here more from Tribe Team Training, the complete small group training business system that’s helping clubs make more money without having to sell more memberships.

Top Tips From The Show


  • Every business owner should monitor online activity, an easy way to keep track is by setting up Google Alerts.
  • When you’re trying to engage customers, acknowledging something that happens in their life (eg: a birthday) is a key to engaging with them.
  • Consumers love supporting local charities, you will get much higher engagement with your community if you are supporting charities and events at a local level.


Inspirational Quotes From The Experts


We should survey our customers more often so we can adapt our services, based on the needs of the customer – Justin Tamsett, Active Management

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