505 The Future of Fitness Is In Exercise Modification

505 The Future of Fitness Is In Exercise Modification


Natalie Carey is an on screen fitness coach, body positive personal trainer, and a women’s fitness specialist. She wants all bodies to feel included and respected in the fitness world, and is passionate about modifying and adapting exercises so that more people can participate. In her onscreen performances and 1:1 coaching, Natalie Carey focused on normalizing movement options for different bodies and discussing that health looks different on everyone. She runs her company, Barbell Blondie Athletics, out of San Francisco, CA.


what you’ll learn

The fitness industry has traditionally focused on a one-size-fits-all approach to exercise, with little consideration for individual differences in body type, fitness level, and mobility. However, as more people seek to participate in fitness activities, it has become clear that a more inclusive approach is needed. Exercise modification is the key to making fitness accessible to all bodies, regardless of their limitations or abilities.

In this episode, we will explore :

  • The meaning of exercise modification
  • The importance of inclusion in the fitness industry
  • The benefits of exercise modification for fitness businesses
  • Tips for making exercise modifications part of your business model


Exercise modification and inclusivity for all bodies is the future of fitness. By incorporating exercise modification into your business model, you can improve your fitness business and provide a welcoming environment for all clients. Remember to listen to your clients and base your modifications on their abilities and needs. Clubs can start by gaining confidence in making modifications through certifications and shadowing, and by utilizing resources like Natalie’s YouTube channel and Instagram page. Crowd sourcing ideas and encouraging your team to try different things can also help keep exercise modifications alive and growing in your business. There are people around the world looking for this service, so offering exercise modifications can open up your business to a huge population of potential clients.

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