016 Bryan O’Rourke – Everything you need to know about the latest technology, tools and tips for fitness professionals

016 Bryan O’Rourke – Everything you need to know about the latest technology, tools and tips for fitness professionals



Bryan O'Rourke

Bryan O’Rourke is the President of the Fitness Industry Technology Council, the CEO of Integers Advisors and the CSO of Fitmarc and Flywheel Group. Bryan is an entrepreneur, investor and former club owner who has worked in the health club and fitness industry with his partners for 18 years. IHRSA named him one of 13 to watch in 2013. He has presented as a keynote speaker at industry and corporate conferences on four continents. He is widely published and quoted in periodicals like Inc. Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and was recently recognized as one of the top 17 most influential entrepreneurs on twitter.

During our interview, Bryan tells us the coolest things happening in fitness technology right now, he gives us tips on staying up to date on all the new technology coming into the market plus he shares his non-negotiable tech tips for fitness professionals.

Top Tips From The Show


  • Stay up to date with technology via following key influencers on social media.
  • On Twitter, set aside time each week to identify the things that are most relevant to you, brands, technology, leaders and segment them into lists for easier viewing.
  • Fitness business owners need to provide some type of mobile experience that has the ability to engage and provide functionality to members or prospective members.
  • You need a business strategy and mapping of your customer journey, so with any technology applications, you’re thinking through how you want it to work for your members.


Inspirational Quotes From The Experts


“Clubs need to have a clear thought-out strategy about the technology your members are using.” Bryan O’Rourke

“Having a seamless experience, has to be designed to meet member needs in a simple, easy to use way, that makes people happy.” Bryan O’Rourke

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