006 Bill McBride – Business Strategies to Drive Results

006 Bill McBride – Business Strategies to Drive Results

Bill McBride

Introducing a guru of Fitness Business Strategy – Bill McBride! Bill is a health club industry veteran, he has worked in all aspects of sales, marketing, leadership, management, member experience and operations and currently serves as the Co-Founder, President & CEO of Active Sports Clubs. During this episode we chat to Bill about the threat of substitution and what it means for a fitness business. Bill shares with us the characteristics he looks for in managers of his clubs and he narrows down his top 3 critical components to a strategic plan.

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Top Tips From The Show

  • Your offering needs to be around habit formation, motivation, inspiration, engagement, social engagement – these are the things that will drive results.
  • Spend time working on your strategic plan to understand what your value proposition and value chain is.
  • Once you have the core aspects of a strategic plan, you should take that out to the rest of the company, and create conversation, involvement and communication about what that plan means.
  • For most organizations, strategic planning takes place as a 1-3 year plan, but you need to re-visit regularly – it has to evolve based on opportunities and based on your market place.
  • You need to have goals and objectives on a 30, 60, 90 day period and combine that with a ‘deep-dive’ quarterly review.

Inspirational Quotes From The Experts

“You can’t have a strategy without clarity around who you are, what you’re trying to accomplish and what your strengths are” Bill McBride

“At the end of the day, the only thing that we offer people is motivation and accountability, helping them form habits that push them to a level they couldn’t do on their own, in an environment that they enjoy” Bill McBride

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[Tweet “You can not be all things to all people @BillMcBride65”]

[Tweet “With a strategic plan, you need enrollment throughout your entire organization @BillMcBride65”]

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