004 Amanda Vogel – Strategies for Social Media Success

004 Amanda Vogel – Strategies for Social Media Success

Amanda Vogel

Amanda Vogel is the owner of Active Voice, a writing, editing and consulting service for the fitness industry. She’s a Hootsuite-certified social media consultant for fitness brands and public figures and a Fitness Technology Spokesperson for IDEA. During this interview Amanda shares her tips on why its essential to truly understand your customer, the importance of strategy and planning for Social Media success, having the right person working for your business or brand.




Top Tips From The Show

  • Stop just “Putting out the fire” on your Social Media. Understand your goal and create a plan ahead of time
  • Don’t make the mistake of appointing the wrong person to look after your social media. What’s more important is to recruit someone that has the time, the interest and someone that understands your brand
  • Be aware and stay up to date with what is popular for a particular platform, for example – a few years ago, images were popular on Facebook, now its all about video
  • When considering what social media to use, really think about which platform is most suited to your brand and research so you know where your audience is!

Inspirational Quotes From The Experts

“There is no sense wasting your time, resources and energy on a platform that your customers are not on” Amanda Vogel “Brainstorming, networking and connecting with other people that really understand what you are trying to do, helps you generate ideas, that you can ultimately put up on Social Media”

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