159 Justin Tamsett Shares Strategies to Increase Your Prices

159 Justin Tamsett Shares Strategies to Increase Your Prices


Justin TamsettWhat were you doing in 1988? Well our guest today completed his personal training course which means in 2018 he celebrates working 30 years in the fitness industry – for some of you listening means he has been working in the industry longer than you have been alive! As of today he has spoken in 19 countries delivering 316 presentations, speeches or key notes to over 180,000 people! Including speaking at Filex in Australia for 19 consecutive years and at IHRSA for 13 consecutive years!

He is Australia’s most awarded industry speaker, coach and contributor:

The 2006 Fitness Australia Presidential Award,
The 2008 Australian Fitness Network Presenter of the Year
The 2008 FitnessNSW Contribution to the Fitness Industry Award and
And in 2011 he was an inaugural inductee into the Fitness Australia Roll of Honour
And why does he do all this? He wants to reduce the health care costs across the globe by having more people move more often in the safest place, health clubs, with the best experts, qualified fitness professionals.

Todays special guest is the Managing Director of Active Management Justin Tamsett.

What you’ll learn

  • How do clubs and studios increase their fees
  • How much should we increase our rates by
  • Should you implement a rate increase in your business

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Resources our guests shared in the show

Justin Tamsett: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Book recommended by Peter Docker – Permission to screw up

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