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005 Justin Tamsett – What Has Tinder Got To Do With Your Fitness Business?

005 Justin Tamsett – What Has Tinder Got To Do With Your Fitness Business?

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Justin Tamsett is the Managing Director of Active Management. He has managed and owned fitness clubs since 1990, and now travels the globe speaking on topics from business skills to work-life balance. During this episode he shares updates from the Industry Leader roundtables, we learn valuable insights from a Harvard Business Review study and he explores the consumer trend called, Tinderisation!

During this episode, JT talks about:

  • The importance of accurately tracking leads in order to understand the effectiveness of your marketing dollars
  • Why your business vision and mission must become a part of your team DNA
  • And what exactly Tinder has to do with your gym members!

This episode also features our podcast marketing expert, Sharon, who shares tips on identifying your podcast and the importance of truly understanding your target market.

We hear an update from Pam O’Donnell of The IHRSA Institute, plus get a taste of one of our new show sponsors, Visual Fitness Planner, a must for PTs and gym owners to check out!

Top Tips From The Show

  • In order to accurately understand your business and the effectiveness of your marketing dollars, make sure you track every single lead – regardless if they become a client or not.
  • Your team should know and understand your business vision, mission and core values so these elements become part of the team DNA.
  • In 2015 consumers desire convenience, reduced costs and improved status we need to learn how to truly understand our customers in order to attract more of them!
  • When it come to collecting and recording leads, we need to strip back our processes and make sure we are getting it right
  • People want to connect, what are we doing to connect them? Your gym staff are like hosts at a party, are your team members encouraging members to meet each other?

Inspirational Quotes From The Experts

“If your going to have a business mission, vision and core values, you need to go to the extent of ensuring your team know what they are!” Justin Tamsett

“ If we want to be successful moving forward, we need to connect people – How can we connect our customers better?” Justin Tamsett

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show

Justin Tamsett – Active Management
Twitter @JTActiveMgmt
Georgia Aquarium Case Study:
Trendwatching –

Sharon Tousley – Identifying your podcast
John Dumas –

Visual Fitness Planner

Pam O’Donnell The IHRSA Institute
IHRSA Institute –
Phone: 1.617.316.6730

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