008 Justin Tamsett – The Importance Of Understanding Your Clients YOUniverse

008 Justin Tamsett – The Importance Of Understanding Your Clients YOUniverse

Justin Tamsett

Justin Tamsett is the Managing Director of Active Management. He has managed and owned fitness clubs since 1990, and now travels the globe speaking on topics from business skills to work-life balance. During this episode JT talks about:

  • Tips for understanding your customers learning style
  • Becoming a guest in your clients YOUniverse
  • The importance of delivering a seamless, comprehensive and personalized service

Also in this episode, our resident podcast expert, Sharon Tousley, tells us about the equipment you need to kick start your very own podcast, and we hear more about one of our sponsors – Visual Fitness Planner and why its is the ultimate way to improve your clubs Set-Show-Close percentages.

Top Tips From The Show

  • When you have a new person you can train them, but when you have a team that’s been around for a while, you need to coach them.
  • When you understand our customers learning style, then we have to flip ourselves to match that.
  • The consumer now is living in their own YOUniverse, therefore we are a guest in their YOUniverse, we have to respect that.
  • The consumer will be happy to let us into their YOUniverse, if we deliver a Seamless, Comprehensive, Personalized Service
  • With every contact we have with a prospect, aim to ensure they are ‘loved in’ not ‘locked in’.

Inspirational Quotes From The Experts

“Consumers are more willing than ever before to share their contact information with us and let us into their YOUniverse – BUT – they first need to trust us and we need to provide a seamless, comprehensive, personalized service”

“In health clubs, we often lock people into a contract, but if we are visiting a clients YOUniverse, and were respecting them, we build a trust and we provide a service to them, these people will no longer be ‘locked-in’ to our product, they will be ‘loved-in’ to our product”

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show

Justin Tamsett – Active Management
Twitter @JTActiveMgmt
[email protected]
Access the VAK Learning Styles Self-Assessment Questionnaire by entering your details below:

Visual Fitness Planner
Australia: [email protected]
USA – [email protected]

REX Roundtables
REX Roundtables is a powerful forum in Europe, the US and Australia for club owners and personal training business owners. Watch this 90 second video about REX Roundtables

Sharon Tousley – Identifying your podcast
[email protected]
www.entrepreneuronfire.com John Dumas

Sharons equipment recommendations to Kick Start your Podcast

  • Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset
  • ATR2100-USB microphone
  • Heil PR40

Recording and editing software

  • Adobe Audition
  • Audacity
  • ECamm Call recorder for Mac
  • Pamela for PC

Tweetables – share the Experts knowledge to #GROW

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[Tweet “”Prospects should be LOVED in – not LOCKED in” @JTActiveMgmt”]

[Tweet “”We have to streamline our information process to ensure a positive experience” @JTActiveMgmt”]

[Tweet “”We must deliver a Seamless, Comprehensive, Personalized Service to our customers” @JTActiveMgmt”]

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