343 Organic Marketing for the Fitness Professional with Luke Symonds

343 Organic Marketing for the Fitness Professional with Luke Symonds

Luke Symonds is the owner of Leading Socials, a marketing and audiovisuals agency. He started creating content for fitness models, fitness supplements and fashion brands until he turned his focus onto small businesses in Perth, Western Australia. Luke Symonds is hyper focused on elevating levels of media engagement through presentation, detail and individuality. Leading Socials was built, first and foremost by Luke, off of his love and drive to produce media that moves people, of his love for media.  Luke has mastered the free E-book concept, where they can easily be found on his social media platforms. The “how to” free E-books are a great guide for all levels.

Organic marketing is the base for all fitness marketing in this day and age. Luke preaches consistency and making sure your content speaks to your following. In this episode, Luke focuses on the benefits of organic marketing as well as the biggest mistakes to avoid and if he could offer up one piece of advice it would be, “get your followers to buy into the person, not the service.”

Your Podcast Snapshot

  • What is organic marketing
  • Why is organic marketing important
  • The difference between paid marketing and organic marketing
  • The biggest mistakes when it comes to organic marketing

Resources Our Experts Shared in the Show

Luke Symonds E-Book: 7 Secrets to Creating To Creating Engaging Videos

Book: Everybody Matters by Bob Chapman

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