176 How to be an Awesome Personal Trainer with Ben Coomber

176 How to be an Awesome Personal Trainer with Ben Coomber

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Personal Trainers provide assistance with training exercises and provide advice in the pursuit of health. Often personal training entails combining different skills to provide excellent customer service and help customers achieve their goals and achieve the desired outcomes.

In this blog, we talk about what it will take to become a great personal trainer with Ben Coomber. He will give advice on essential tips and the right path to become a good personal trainer.


About Ben Coomber

Ben Coomber, a successful personal trainer, entrepreneur and speaker

With his background in the fields of nutrition, health and fitness industry, Ben has been rated as UK’s #1 rated health and fitness podcast on iTunes ‘Ben Coomber Radio’. He also owns an online education company called BTN Academy that provides online nutrition education. On top of this, he also has a brand of supplements, called Awesome Supplements, which aims to offer clarity in the confusing world of supplements.

He is also a sought-after speaker, educating people on nutrition, health and personal development in sold out public seminars and major UK fitness events.

Essential Tips to be a Successful Personal Trainer

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Focus on the RIGHT things

Today, most people don’t understand enough themselves, their fitness business, and their relationship with clients. We all want answers, but we’re not willing to do the work.

Ben mentions that if we’re willing to stand back and turn off our phones – be objective – our answers are staring us in the face! If you go through that process, you can connect meaningfully with what’s actually happening & where solutions may lie for YOU as an individual.

He further adds that in the personal training industry, people always seek ways to improve themselves. Many of us have become so focused on things like a nutrition plan, a training plan, or a system.

But what people don’t realize is that health isn’t just a concern. Instead, focusing on your health will make it easier for you to get the results that matter most.

Personal Training is a Business

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Personal training can be a very rewarding career, but it’s also a business. Ben shares some things to keep in mind, such as embracing that you are self-employed, and a business owner.

This means that you’ve got to act and behave in a way that allows you to move forward in a professional manner, as someone that is coaching others on their own terms.

One of the best pieces of advice Ben ever received was to remember that personal training is a service industry. As a personal trainer, you are providing a service to others. And as with any service-based industry, it’s important to remember that your clients pay not just for your time, but also for the results you can give them.

Setting aside Time to Plan & Schedule

Successful trainer create their own schedules

Ben notes that during his time as a speaker on business development seminars for trainers, many trainers mention they struggle to spend time working in the business when they know they need to also spend time working on the business.

Many trainers miss the importance of planning and scheduling. They don’t set aside time to work on their business or plan their week. This often leads to them working in the business during all hours of the day and not getting the results they want.

He recommends trainers block out specific times each day where they turn off their phones and focus on doing all their client work, lead generation, and marketing. By getting rid of distractions, and focusing on the task at hand. It will allow you to get more done in less time.

Be Active on Multiple Social Media Platforms

Build relationships in social media with clients

Ben advises that if you want to be active on different social media channels, you can focus on one or two, and make sure to double down your efforts to those accounts. Trying to maintain a presence on too many social media platforms can be overwhelming and ineffective.

He started trying to master Facebook, learning how to engage, how to post, and be good at it, essentially. Then he moved to Twitter, and managed those two for quite a while.

Ben also recommends that personal trainers use video as a powerful marketing tool. Since videos are great for building trust and relationships with potential clients, showcasing your personal training style, and sharing success stories.

Create an Effective Marketing Plan

Business tips and training for personal fitness trainer

Ben stresses the importance of personal trainers having a well-thought-out marketing plan if they want to be successful in business. This includes identifying your target market, understanding what makes them tick, and crafting a message that resonates with them.

Additionally, personal trainers need to identify their unique selling proposition (USP) and figure out how to communicate it in an interesting and engaging way. And finally, make sure you have a system in place to generate leads, nurture them, and eventually convert to new clients.

3 Secrets to Becoming An Awesome Personal Trainer

At the end of the podcast, Ben shares his three key tips on how to become not just a good personal trainer, but an awesome one:

Be an awesome human being

How does one become an awesome human being? For Ben, it’s when you’re in the moment. That means being totally present in the person in front of you, listening intently, responding to questions or agreeing or disagreeing, and understanding what your clients are trying to say. Doing all these things will equip you with the tool to provide a customized solution to your customer’s individual needs.

Always meet where your client’s at

Trainers often have this ideal, perfect vision of how a client should work out, eat, and follow the fitness plan that they’ve created. But the reality is that there are clients that will follow the program to a T, and there are others that will start with the program truly motivated, then falter along the way.

What a trainer is meant to do is optimize the things that an individual wants out of their life. Understand that fitness motivates people for different reasons. Should they slip through the cracks, an awesome personal trainer will keep motivating their clients and making them understand that while a bit of fun against the program is great, their own target body or weight will not happen if they don’t push on.

Treat your business like a business

Finally, Ben advises that while personal trainers have more freedom than the regular 9-to-5 employee, they should still treat their work like it’s their own business. That is, they should invest time and effort in mastering the essentials of running your own business, such as great sales skills, impressive customer service, and making sure that their clients are inspired to reach their target weight or body goals.

Ben shares that his book, while written for personal trainers, has less to do with training and nutrition, and more to do with how they should behave as coaches. It focuses on client interaction, running the day-to-day in an objective, intentional manner, and being more organized. He believes these will help elevate a personal trainer from good to awesome.

In Summary

Personal trainers need to constantly learn and develop their skills to maintain a high level of service for their clients.

Ben Coomber has shared some great tips on how personal trainers can achieve this. Follow these tips, and you can be a successful personal trainer!


Find out more about Ben Coomber: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Book recommended by Stacy Anderson, Traction by Gino Wickman https://amzn.to/2HJ8Z2q


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