040 The Best Of Women In Fitness

040 The Best Of Women In Fitness



Chantal Brodrick

Todays show brings together the best bits of advice, information and entertainment from some of the AMAZING Women in Fitness that we have had as guests on the show over the past few months.

Show 21 Robbie Kellman Baxter, the author of The Membership Economy talks about why the first 30 days is so critical in building behaviours.

Show 27 Christine Thalwitz from the ACAC with advice on how to go about planning a charity campaign.

Show 31 – We have the incredible Casey Conrad who talks about what areas fitness business owners need to focus on to improve their business.

Show 33 Michelle Segar, author of No Sweat, gives us her insights into: What does the meaning of exercise mean and understanding the wrong whys PLUS she shares her Top Tips for Fitness Business Owners!

Top Tips From The Show


Show 21 – Robbie Kellman Baxter reminded us – From the moment of sign up you want them to have the experience you know works to build that behavior.
Having the right person introduce a new member is way more important than giving lots of people tours through your facility – its about creating an experience.

Show 27 – Christine Thalwitz said – Before embarking on a charity campaign, ensure the campaign forms part of your company’s core values. Does it resonate with your audience, is there an organic tie in?
Consider, is this partnership going to stand out in your marketplace? Make sure you pick a great partner, a great charity, tell stories, get actively involved in the charity you are supporting.

Show 31 – Casey Conrad said: If you can get your trainers to embrace the concept that selling is nothing more than education plus motivation, then you will have a much easier time getting them to earn a customers business.

Show 33 Michelle Segar says – The wrong ‘why’s’ put people on a path of unstable controlling motivation, it leads people to feel like exercise is a chore.
Our job is to figure out what hasn’t worked and why, and help people develop a solution tailored to who they are.

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show


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Tim Keightly – Show 25
Robbie Kellman Baxter – Show 21
Christine Thalwitz – Show 27
Casey Conrad – Show 31
Michelle Segar – Show 33
Amy Dixon – Show 29
Mike Michalowicz – Show 24

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