105 Sales EQ Jeb Blount: How to become an Ultra High Performer in your fitness business

105 Sales EQ Jeb Blount: How to become an Ultra High Performer in your fitness business

This week we officially kick off the celebration of two years of The Fitness Business Podcast and to mark the occasion, Ive invited back some of our most popular guests, starting off with the bestselling author of eight books, one of the world’s most respected thought leaders on sales, leadership, and customer experience and a sales acceleration specialist  – Jeb Blount.

Also, to celebrate our second birthday we are introducing a new segment to the show called In The Trenches where we chat to owners, managers and staff across the globe who are doing cool stuff in their businesses.

Todays guest for In the trenches is Program Development & Social Media Director for Brick Bodies – Gabriella Waters, and we chat about some great ways to get your team and members involved in creating social media content for you.

What you’ll learn

  • How a membership sales consultant best use Sales EQ in their role
  • Tips on becoming an Ultra High Performer in your business
  • 6 key tips to developing self-awareness

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In the Trenches with Gabriella Waters from Brick Bodies 
Gabriella comes to us from Brick Bodies, a chain of clubs in Maryland in the United States. As the Program Development & Social Media Director, she creates branded workouts and handles social media marketing. She’s also a Group Fitness Manager and instructor, which helps her to keep her finger on the pulse of what participants like, trends, areas of interest, and risk.

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