113 How to upsell fitness services to increase revenue with Chris Stevenson

113 How to upsell fitness services to increase revenue with Chris Stevenson

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In 2003 Chris Stevenson opened Stevenson Fitness, a 2,000 square foot gym that specialized in private training.  In 2010, they grew to a 7,500 square foot, full-service health club. Now in 2017 they help more than 2,000 members achieve their fitness goals.

Chris first joined us a few weeks ago on show 110 to chat about how to keep your members longer with high net promoter scores.  This week he shares ways to collect and respond to member data and feedback plus ideas on how to upsell fitness services to increase revenue.  We hear from listener, Kristy Theissling about lessons learnt from previous shows and our Precor Quick Fire Five guest is author, Mark Schaefer.

What you’ll learn

  • Tips for collecting and responding to member feedback
  • How to upsell fitness services to increase revenue
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Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show

Chris Stevenson – Stevenson Fitness
Trina Gray
Susan Fowler – Crucial Questions every leader should ask 
Jay Baer – Why its so important to Hug Your Haters
Petra Kolber – The Role of Positive Psychology in your fitness business
Sean Greeley – How to identify your ideal customer
Stu McLaren – Converting leads through email marketing
The Full Monty Newsletter

Kristy Theissling from Oh My Fit Body

Industry Events 

IDEA World Fitness Summit


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