Email Marketing KPIs for the Fitness Industry by Lindsey Leemis

Email Marketing KPIs for the Fitness Industry by Lindsey Leemis

Email Touchpoints for Members & Non-Members

Email facilitates 1 to 1 conversations with your members to aid in retention and engagement as well as with your prospects to convert them to new members through an Email Service Provider, or ESP for short. Ideally, you want every single contact in your database to have a minimum number of email touchpoints on their contact record each month.

For members, a handful of touchpoints each month could include club updates, referrals, or triggered emails for up or cross-sell opportunities. Your contacts in your database that fall into the non-member or prospect lists should either move towards suppression or move farther down the sales funnel. An example of funnel stages is Lead -> Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) -> Sales/Membership Qualified Lead (SQL) -> and Close/Member.

2 Types of Email – Automated & Bulk

When creating an email marketing strategy & email KPIs for health clubs, we recommend a customized blend of bulk & automated (also called triggered or drip) emails. Typically the blend lands around 60% bulk & 40% triggered to account for the total touchpoints.

In summary, the 2 types of emails are:

  • Bulk (also called regular) emails.
  • Automated (highly targeted automated, triggered, or drip) emails.

Automated emails save your team time, automate your lead generation and nurturing, and aid in customer retention. Some examples of an automated email would be new member club onboarding, NPS trigger based on the score received for promoter, passive, and detractors, toured prospect that didn’t convert to a member in a certain amount of days, a specific page on the website viewed based on website tracking or a series of emails based on a lifecycle stage change.

Bulk emails are important to reach a certain count of touchpoints on your contact records and to move each contact in your database towards suppression or further down your sales funnel. An example of a bulk email would be a membership offer to a larger list of non-member contacts (canceled, expired & prospects).  

KPI Guide for Automated & Bulk 

KPIs are an important part of email marketing to make sure your email deliverability & email engagement are healthy. The easiest way to track these at a regular cadence is to set up an email KPI dashboard in your CRM (customer relationship management) platform or in your ESP.

When starting out, an email audit is a good first step to establish benchmarks to see where you are at for deliverability and engagement and then focus on areas needed for improvement. 

Click to View & Download Foundational KPI Metrics for Bulk & Automated Emails

How are your current email metrics compared to the benchmark for healthy email deliverability & engagement above? How can you delight and engage your members as well as optimize your buyer’s journey for your prospects?

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Lindsey Leemis

Lindsey Leemis is CRM & Technology Consultant for the Fitness Industry.  Her focus is around membership sales, marketing & member experience. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM system allows you to manage all your club members & prospects interactions from digital sources, club touchpoints and communication with your team in a single location. 

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