Bodymapp: Exploring the Benefits of Bodymapp’s 3D Body Scanning App for Fitness Clubs

Bodymapp: Exploring the Benefits of Bodymapp’s 3D Body Scanning App for Fitness Clubs

Dipra Ray is the co-founder and CEO of Bodymapp. He joined Dori from the Fitness Business Podcast to talk about their 3D body scanning company. They’re excited to partner with the Fitness Business Podcast and deliver their message about Bodymapp.

What is Bodymapp?

The product is a 3D scanner, which uses infrared sensors to accurately measure body measurements.   The app can be downloaded from the App Store, and the first scan is free. It takes about three to four minutes for a first time user, and a few minutes for subsequent scans.

Why He Started Bodymapp

The introduction of Apple’s infrared sensors in the iPhone 10 led to the development of their body scanning app, ‘Bodymapp’. He explained they originally wanted to find an easy way for people to capture body measurements, and that they’ve since transformed into an unfolding experience that can be done with an iPhone, iPad, or other suitable model in the privacy of their own home. Dipra also discussed how they’ve gone through a revolution, originally having bulky machines, to now be done from any location. 

 The team behind the product has worked on it for over two and a half years and has focused on accuracy and privacy. They wanted to create something that was more accurate than a single sensor on a phone, and that wouldn’t require someone to take a picture of themselves in their underwear. The business has been around for seven years, and the team has spent two and a half years working on mobile scanning. 

What Makes Bodymapp Different From It’s Competitors?

Bodymapp is different from its competitors because it uses infrared sensors to preserve privacy (no pictures taken), and has a detailed health report, posture analysis and somatic type recommendations. Additionally, they have engaging features like email and push notifications, encouraging people to get scanned, and the ability to set goals.

The Benefits of Bodymapp for Fitness Clubs & Boutiques

Bodymapp is a fitness tracking app that helps users measure their progress and set goals. It offers an easy and engaging way for people to monitor their health, and encourages them to return to the studio or facility to measure their progress. It doesn’t take up any space, costs nothing upfront, and in most cases doesn’t charge the facility anything. It can also be used to up-sell services. It is very easy to learn how to use the app, and there is a partnership program to offer trainers and facilities training materials and how to leverage the app. They can also see which of their clients have used Bodymapp, and in the near future view their results on the platform.

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  • Developing an Innovative Mobile Scanning Technology for the Fitness Industry
  • The Benefits of Bodymapp’s 3D Body Scanning App for Gym Goers
  • The Benefits of Bodymapp for Fitness Clubs and Boutiques”
  • The Benefits of Bodymapp for Self-Conscious Clients
  •  Streamlining Measurement and Exercise Tracking

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Bodymapp partners with health clubs and gyms to provide a seamless body scanning experience for members. Instead of investing thousands of dollars upfront in hardware that has limitations around time of use and consistency, you can now offer members the opportunity to be scanned in their own home, saving time and space. They also provide an iPad and stand for in-gym scanning for members who do not own compatible devices.



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