495 Stay Ahead of the Competition with Bodymapp’s Revolutionary 3D Body Scanning App

495 Stay Ahead of the Competition with Bodymapp’s Revolutionary 3D Body Scanning App

The Fitness Business Podcast welcomes Dipra Ray, the co-founder and CEO of Bodymapp, a 3D body scanning company. Dipra is a creative entrepreneur with an eye for progress. As CEO and Marketing Director of Bodymapp (formerly mPort) – which he co-founded alongside two high school friends from his native New Zealand – he’s on the cutting edge to revolutionize how people monitor their health and fitness in the comfort of their own home. Combining infra-red technology found in mobile phones, Bodymapp enables users to get detailed body measurements like never before; empowering them to stay up-to-date on wellbeing issues, along with deeper insight into their bodies’ unique composition. 

3D Body Scanning that’s accurate, affordable and accessible

Bodymapp is a mobile app that provides 3D body scanning using infrared sensors, preserving privacy and providing accuracy. The app is built for the fitness industry and provides users with a detailed health report using a revolutionary Avatar. 

what you’ll learn

Unlock the potential of body scanning for your members, and take fitness tracking to a whole new level without breaking the bank. 

  • What is 3D Body Scanning?
  • How does Bodymapp improve member experience?
  • What Makes the Mobile 3D App Different?
  • How Trainers & Clubs Can Use the App to Upsell Services
  • The Importance of Preserving Privacy & Providing Accuracy
  • How Trainers can Benefit from Bodymapp’s partnership program
  • What does Bodymapp Cost?

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