498 Body Language to be Camera and Stage Ready with Sharlene Lynch

498 Body Language to be Camera and Stage Ready with Sharlene Lynch

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Sharlene Lynch is a Body Language expert with over 30 years experience in coaching and psychology. Sharlene is a regular on the speaking circuit and is obsessed with finding and bringing out the best in people so they find their confidence and certainty. Sharlene runs a business coaching program and is a keynote speaker on all things mindset. She is an inspirational international speaker, veteran workshop facilitator and the living embodiment of her MINDSHIFT program, navigating the “gap” from where you are to where you want to be.

Sharlene is also the Speakers Tribe National Leader & serving Chief of the Speakers Tribe SA. She loves face-to-face interaction, helping others develop their voice and share their message. She is an enthusiastic community advocate involved in various projects, and is always keen to assist where she can.

what you’ll learn

Body language is the nonverbal signals used to communicate. In a professional setting, like an interview, the way you carry yourself tells the interviewer a lot about your personality. In this episode, my industry expert will captivate your attention with her knowledge of the power of body language.


  • How your body language influences your audience
  • Body language basics: eyes, posture, and breathing
  • The Power of the Pause
  • Tonality, Intonation, and Inflection
  • Likeable vs Credible
  • What to do with your hands

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