055 Tim Keightley – Fitness Industry Reflections and Predictions 2015-2017

055 Tim Keightley – Fitness Industry Reflections and Predictions 2015-2017



Tim Keightley

Tim Keightley is an experienced visionary leader and has been the driving force behind some of the most successful health and fitness brands in the world. He has a track record that includes creating the largest personal training business in Europe and elevating some of the most successful in the US to new levels. Tim is also a highly sought after speaker who inspires people with his motivating and captivating presentations about team work and his ‘ONE Team’ philosophies. Most recently Tim was a key executive behind the expansion of Gold’s Gym International as the Executive Vice President of Operations. He is now sharing his knowledge and expertise with leading brands on a variety of projects, as a senior advisor with the Fitmarc and Integerus organizations.

Tim first appeared in Show 25 when we talked about recruiting personal trainers, evaluating their performance and keeping them motivated.  This time, we discussed how to keep personal trainers in your business for longer, the major challenges facing fitness businesses in 2016 and what trends we will see in the industry in the year ahead.

Top Tips From The Show


Hire on Personality, Character, Attitude – not just on education and sales skills ….WE can train everything from a skill perspective but can only encourage bringing out the Personality, Character and Attitude that matches your vision for your team.

Train, develop and reward and encourage in all areas of business performance and success…e.g. business planning, communications, group training, specialties, sales, service, results attainment, education, innovation of FUN and psychology!

Inspirational Quotes From The Experts


The only regret you have in life is if you didn’t do something – Tim Keightley

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show


Tim Keightley

Tim’s past life having fun!
My past life having FUN

Books Mentioned
You’ll see it when you believe it – Wayne Dyer
First, break all the rules – Marcus Buckingham

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