506 Gender in the Gym: Women’s Approach to Fitness and Health

506 Gender in the Gym: Women’s Approach to Fitness and Health


Dr. Sarah Marion is a fitness industry expert with a new study titled “Gender in the Gym.” Her research findings for men are based on data pulled from Murphy research. In this episode, she delivers the research findings for men, which include the fitness barriers for men, the fitness habits of men, and what men are looking for in a fitness facility.

Murphy Research created the State of Our Health (SOOH) syndicated research program to fill a gap it saw in the health and wellness research landscape. Today, SOOH is the largest syndicated health and wellness tracker. They have been collecting detailed data on consumer attitudes and behaviors around food, fitness, and mindfulness since 2018.

episode Overview

Attention gym owners! Are you truly aware of women’s distinct desires and preferences regarding fitness and wellness? Extensive research indicates their needs often differ from men in the same age group. As a gym owner, unlocking the obstacles that prevent women from joining your establishment will open up a vast untapped market. Discover invaluable insights on women’s health and fitness requirements from Murphy Research, based on reliable data.

What You’ll Learn

  • How do women generally approach fitness?
  • What are their barriers?
  • What are women looking for in a gym?
  • Women’s approach to health and wellness
  • Women’s relationship with health vs men

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