391 Legal Essentials for Fitness Owners and Managers with Corey Sterling

391 Legal Essentials for Fitness Owners and Managers with Corey Sterling

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Corey Sterling is an attorney and the founder of Conscious Consul. Conscious Consul is an on-line law firm that specializes in the health and fitness community. Corey and his team are the winners of the 2021 Legal Elite Award for Most Innovative Health and Fitness Law Firm, the team at Conscious Counsel works with heart-leading entrepreneurs who are trying to build community and make the world a better place with their own unique contribution. They make law and working with a lawyer empowering and FUN.

Corey brings a unique energy to his episode. He makes law fun and has a talent for making law easy to understand. Corey gives an unlimited amount of advice on how to make sure your legal agreements are current and up to date. Take a listen, as Corey explains how to re-evaluate your membership and service agreements as well as how to decipher between employer vs. contractor agreements and how they are different. This attorney doesn’t just work for the industry, but he works in it!

Your Podcast Snapshot

  • Updating your waiver of liability
  • Re-evaluating your service agreement
  • How has the legal landscape changed in the fitness world

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How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie

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