020 The Best of The Fitness Business Podcast

020 The Best of The Fitness Business Podcast

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Chantal Brodrick

We are celebrating our first 20 shows by looking back on some of the very best advice, tips, ideas and lessons our guests have shared on The Fitness Business Podcast so far!  We rewind to interviews with Amanda Vogel who shares advice on social media, Bill McBride with tips on strategy, Steve Jensen shares his experience on sales, Mark Miller gives us insights on leadership and Bryan O’Rourke talks about technology!

All of that, plus we hear from the CEO of Exercise New Zealand, Richard Beddie about FitEx 2015.

Top Tips From The Shows



  • Devote time each week to work out your social media posts for the next weeks – Amanda Vogel Show #4
  • Pre-schedule content according to the goals and the strategy for each social media account you use – Amanda Vogel Show #4
  • Don’t set and forget! Create a skeleton or outline of your online activity, but then re-visit every day – Amanda Vogel Show #4


  • You cannot be all things to all people, you have to be focused on where your core competencies are –  Bill McBride  Show #6
  • Spend time working on your strategic plan to understand what your value proposition and value chain is –  Bill McBride Show #6


  • The take up of emails is only about 7%!  Always follow up with SMS as well – Steve Jensen Show #7
  • All telephone work should be recorded, so you can review it Steve Jensen Show #7


  • You have to take it upon yourself to grow and learn – Mark Miller Show #15
  • Give yourself time and belief, theres no such thing as failure, its simply a means to learn –  Mark Miller Show #15


  • Its not only about technology, its about the balance of humans integrated with the digital experience you need to provide to be effective in todays market – Bryan O’Rourke Show #16


Inspirational Quotes From The Experts


You can’t have a strategy without clarity around who you are, what you’re trying to accomplish and what your strengths are – Bill McBride

There are two types of people in life, the A-Hole list and the Good Guys list – Find the people who want to help you and who want to help you grow – Mark Miller

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show


Amanda Vogel Show #4
Bill McBride Show #6
Steve Jensen Show #7
Mark Miller Show #15
Bryan O’Rourke Show #16

Richard Beddie

Richard Beddie

CEO of Exercise New Zealand, the association representing the fitness and exercise industry in New Zealand.

ExerciseNZ provides resources and advocacy to support the fitness/exercise industry in New Zealand, as well as running education events such as the FitEx Conference, and annual roadshow.
www.exercisenz.org.nz    www.fitex.co.nz
0800 66 88 11 (International +64-3-3736-390)

Shane Mackenzie – The Hybrid Zone

Shane Mackenzie

Managing Director – Hybrid Trainer
The Hybrid Zone
Facebook: facebook.com/thehybridzone
Instagram: @thehybridzone
Web: www.thehybridzone.com.au

Tweetables – share the Experts knowledge to #GROW


[Tweet “”Stop putting out the fire on your Social Media” @amandavogel“]

[Tweet “”The thing that’s really HOT right now – is video on Facebook” @amandavogel“]

[Tweet “”You can not be all things to all people” @BillMcBride65“]

[Tweet “”You have to be focused on your core competency” @BillMcBride65″]

[Tweet “”Lack of involvement equals lack of commitment” @BillMcBride65“]

[Tweet “”Don’t ask people to “buy in” instead, you want people to “enroll”” @BillMcBride65″]

[Tweet “”Inspire the close” #SteveJensen”]

[Tweet “”Do not use a script, use a Prompt” #Steve Jensen”]

[Tweet “”People want to do business with experts” #Steve Jensen”]

[Tweet “”Find a mentor!” @MerittClubs”]

[Tweet “”You’ve got to give yourself time and belief” @MerittClubs”]

[Tweet “”Growth is imperative” @MerittClubs”]

[Tweet “”Use technology as an accelerator” @bryanorourke”]

[Tweet “”Clubs need to have  a clear thought-out strategy about the apps they are using” @bryanorourke”]

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