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007 Steve Jensen – Sales Skills for Success

007 Steve Jensen – Sales Skills for Success

Steve Jensen

Steve Jensen is the CEO and founder of Impact Training Corporation and The National Sales Academy. His training programs have been boosting thousands of business profits and countless numbers of directors, owners, managers and sales professional’s incomes since 1982. He is a master practitioner and trainer of NLP , a graduate of Tom Hopkins academy of Sales Excellence and a Certified DISC Presenter.

During this episode, Steve explores sales strengths and weaknesses of fitness businesses. He looks at the evolution of the sales process for modern business and pin points 3 key areas a fitness business needs to focus to increase sales. Also in this weeks show, we here more from Tribe Team Training, the complete small group training business system that’s helping clubs make more money without having to sell more memberships.

Top Tips From The Show

  • Ensure you always qualify what a prospect wants – and do it quickly!
  • Create rapport by finding something in common with your prospect – keeping it casual and where relevant, include a little laughter in your conversation
  • Website leads need to be contacted within two minutes! in order to get hold of the prospect after they’ve made an online enquiry
  • When you do get in contact with that prospect, make sure that conversation you have with them, is quality one!

Inspirational Quotes From The Experts

“We need to get smarter with getting in contact with a lead – we have one chance to get in contact and to inspire that prospect to come in” Steve Jensen

“A First impression is something that no one practices, but everyone is expected to do” Steve Jensen

“People need to be trained well to make sure they have the ability to inspire, not just to tell the information” Steve Jensen

“Inspire the person to want to train with you or your team of experts – people want to do business with experts” Steve Jensen

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show

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