042 Mike Arce – Social Media Marketing for Fitness Businesses

042 Mike Arce – Social Media Marketing for Fitness Businesses



Mike Arce

Mike Arce is the founder and CEO of Loud Rumor, an online marketing company for local businesses and fitness studios.

His passion is with the fitness industry and he loves helping studios grow and get more customers through his program, Fit FLAVER – this stands for Facebook, landing pages, automation, video, email, and retargeting. Mike loves mob movies, basketball, and time with his son and daughters.

During this weeks show, Mike shares advice about Facebook advertising, lead pages, sales funnels, lead quality v quantity plus Mike shares his top 3 tips on where to start with your online marketing.

Top Tips From The Show


Split testing your offers is essential to determine what appeals most to your target audience.

People still aren’t use to Instagram ads, as such, the platform is better for re-targeting source rather than targeting.

AdPages is really great for online marketing and designing landing pages for campaigns.

You want to focus on more qualified leads? You have to be good at measuring everything.

Inspirational Quotes From The Experts


You want to focus on more qualified leads. You have to be good at measuring everything – Mike Arce

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show


Mike Arce
Fit Flaver

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[Tweet “The most important thing you can track is the cost per customer @Mike_J_Arce”]

[Tweet “Ask yourself: Will completing this make everything else either easier or unnecessary? @Mike_J_Arce”]

[Tweet “Always call leads within 15 minutes of them reaching out @Mike_J_Arce “]

[Tweet “Smart people make mistakes & learn from them @Mike_J_Arce”]

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