082 Kayley Riddle – How to Recruit and Keep the Best People for Your Fitness Business

082 Kayley Riddle – How to Recruit and Keep the Best People for Your Fitness Business

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Kayley Riddle is the Owner and Director of People Engine, working with businesses to align their workforce actions with their strategy every day to improve performance and profit.

Kayley began in the Health and Fitness Industry, working in Group Fitness and Personal Training while completing University study. She went on to perform in various management roles, including the National People Manager for the Australian LivingWell clubs within Hilton International. With her experience in club re-branding and openings, she relocated to London as a Director of Human Resources, leading teams and opening several hotels across the Hilton family of brands.

Now as the head of People Engine, it’s easy to see how Kayley’s passion and experience have made her an expert coach in Human Resources, recruiting the best people, retaining them and maximizing performance all leading to healthy profits. And making her the perfect guest for todays show!

Top Tips From The Show


  • If you don’t have an HR department, then consider investing in an annual HR plan for your business.
  • Role play works well in an interview because you get to see peoples behaviour.
  • Make sure performance reviews aren’t just a tick box process.
  • Always link performance reviews to development plans.
  • As a leader, its important to utilise coaching.
  • Measure and benchmark your business annually.


Inspirational Quotes From The Experts


“Leadership is a conscious choice” – Kayley Riddle

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show


Kayley Riddle

Kayley is able to offer a complimentary Business Health Check to those who mention this podcast and contact her at [email protected].

The 8 Dimensions of Leadership by Jeffrey Sugerman, Mark Scullard and Emma Wilhelm – because I use a lot of DiSC profiling to help leaders build their capability and this is a great resource that compliments the coaching.

How to Lead a Quest by Dr Jason Fox – easy to read and some good concepts around pioneering organizational leadership.

Guiliani Leadership – a great book for people like me who love autobiographies and learning from others’ experiences.

Sue Richard – Tribe Team Training

Book Recommendation by QFF Michelle Bowden
Choosing Happiness

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