050 How to Run Group Personal Training So You Make Money

050 How to Run Group Personal Training So You Make Money



Adrian Antigua

This week we answer all your questions about starting, running and growing group training in a PT studio or fitness club with our special guest Adrian Antigua from Gainesville Health and Fitness, USA.

Adrian Antigua is the general manager and sales manager for Gainesville Health and Fitness in Florida, USA, which includes a 75,000 square foot club with over 28,000 members. After graduating from the University of Florida, he quickly discovered his passion for fitness, the power of company culture, and the customer experience, sharing his insights via blogs on sites such as clubsolutionsmagazine.com.

During this weeks show, Adrian gives us some key insights into group fitness at Gainesville Health and Fitness, including attendance, frequency and cost.   He shares how they implemented small group training in their club, who they hire to run the sessions, how they sell a paid SGT class to members and how they interview new team members.

Top Tips From The Show


Results will be the biggest key indicator of whether or not people will stay.

It’s important you stay ahead of the market, looking at whats coming up next.

Consider having a dedicated space in your club for Small Group Training.

The best Small Group Training instructors are those that have the passion for it – and it helps if they can multi-task!

Consider including a physical challenge/workout in your hiring process.

Small Group Training gave members an extra tier/level of training that may not have wanted 1:1 or group training.

Inspirational Quotes From The Experts


“Hire slow and fire fast” Adrian Antigua

“Retention is everything that you do” Adrian Antigua

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Adrian Antigua

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Max Martin
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[Tweet “Retention is everything that you do @GHFC”]

[Tweet “Hire slow and fire fast @GHFC”]

[Tweet “Results will be the biggest key indicator of whether or not people will stay @GHFC“]

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