359 Fanatics Fitness Panel: What’s Happening Within the Business for Fitness CLubs in 2021?

359 Fanatics Fitness Panel: What’s Happening Within the Business for Fitness CLubs in 2021?

The Fitness Business Podcast Fanatics share their views on the new direction of the industry, post-covid. They discuss their thoughts and insights on the changes that have taken place, which of these changes they forsee will continue, the new way to market the fitness clubs and boutiques and they shine some insights on how to reignite the fitness industry as a whole. Panelists Marisa Hoff, Sheay Wheeler, Sal Pellegrino and Audrey Edwards represent all corners of the fitness industry, as well as the world, and their knowledge and experience makes this one powerful panel discussion.

We encourage all fitness business owners, managers and directors to listen to the insight that these four industry icons have delivered in this episode. We guarantee that there is information in this episode that will help your fitness business not only survive, but to thrive during this next year and beyond. Marisa, Sheay, Sal and Audrey deliver a powerful message filled with hope and excitement for the fitness industry. 

Your Podcast Snapshot

  • What 3 changes have you seen in the fitness business industry?
  • Which of those will stick?
  • What changes do you think we’ll see in a post covid world in the area of marketing?
  • Your #1 tip to reignite business?

Resources Our Expert Shared in the Show

The EMeth Revisited by Michael Gerber

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Christa Gurka

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