497 What’s Happening At CrossFit With CEO Don Faul

497 What’s Happening At CrossFit With CEO Don Faul

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Don Faul is the CEO of CrossFit, the world’s leading platform for health, happiness, and performance. Prior to joining CrossFit in August 2022, Don served as CEO at Athos, a next generation smart clothing company focused on building better athletes. Before Athos, Don held senior leadership roles at multiple companies, including Pinterest, where he led community outreach, international growth, and business partnerships as head of operations; Facebook, where he built and led the company’s global user, developer, and payments and risk operations teams as vice president of online operations; and Google, where he built and managed the operations supporting merchants using Google’s commerce and payments products.

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Get the inside scoop with this exciting podcast featuring an in-depth interview of the CEO of CrossFit, Don Faul. Learn why ‘community’ is such a powerful force in the fitness world, and what new developments are taking place at Crossfit!

  • Up-to-date statistics and insights on the CrossFit Games
  • What to expect for the future of CrossFit
  • Why community is such an integral part of the success of CrossFit
  • Why measuring workout performance keeps members coming back
  • What CrossFit does better than any other segment in the industry

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