325 The Value Proposition for Making Fitness Accessible with Trainerize

325 The Value Proposition for Making Fitness Accessible with Trainerize

The Value Proposition is where Sarah Pellegrino chats with an industry supplier to find out the value they bring to their customers and the industry.  You will not only hear about the features of the product or service – which you can read on their websites or brochures – you will hear about the deep value and return of investment for you!

In episode 325 of the Fitness Business Podcast, we’re going to be learning the Value Proposition for Making Fitness Accessible – we’ll be speaking with the Trainerize team to learn about how the app came to be, what the company looks like today, and where they’re going in the future! You’ll learn how the fitness & wellness solutions they build for their community create a 360-degree fitness and lifestyle approach. With over 20,000 fitness businesses powered by Trainerize, a community of over 200,000 coaches and over 800,000 active users, over 100,000 connected fitness apps and 25,000 workouts completed daily – this is an app you want to know more about – so be sure to stick around and have a listen!


  • Farhad Gulamhusein, VP of Client Success
  • Trevor Chong, Product Director
  • Paula Bartis, Marketing Director

What You’ll Learn

  • History of Trainerize: where did the idea come from and how has it evolved over the years.
  • How the team is solution focused more than feature focused and how they receive regular feedback from their community of users!
  • What moves the company is making to become a total fitness solution well into the future.

Resources Our Experts Shared in the Show

  1. The Trainerize team has a special offer just for FBP & TVP listeners – 50% off their two first months with Trainerize.  The offer code is available at trainerize.com/thevalueproposition
  2. Trainerize are also hosting online events called the Trainerize Collective and registration is free.  Click here to view the full schedule.  Click here to register for the first event on 2nd December.

Connect with the Team at Trainerize



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