315 Moving Forward: Successful Large Group Personal Training with Lori Patterson

315 Moving Forward: Successful Large Group Personal Training with Lori Patterson

Lori Patterson, US Army Veteran, 36 year veteran of the fitness industry and mom of three is the CEO of VicteliB and the creator of the nation wide, group personal training program, Boot Camp Challenge®.

After finishing my military tour and wrapping up college, I continued on with my career in the fitness industry. I started training clients one-on-one and in groups. And, while I loved my job , I felt something was missing. I thought how can I combine the fun, team atmosphere of group training with the added benefits of personal training AND make it affordable for everyone?
And then, it hit me. I would combine the team camaraderie, group motivation and cohesiveness I learned in the Army, with the assessments, nutrition, and sciences from personal training to create a program. And, I did. And, I called it Boot Camp Challenge® (BCC). Boom!.  Fast forward sixteen years. The program, BCC, is now being launched in 25 states. We have thousands of campers experiencing our program live and over a million app users from 60 countries working out with us. So, that is my story. And, I feel super blessed to have served my country AND the fitness industry.

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