514 Brick by Brick: Steps to a Successful Fitness Business with Landon Burningham

514 Brick by Brick: Steps to a Successful Fitness Business with Landon Burningham


Landon Burningham is a successful multi-club fitness chain owner with a unique perspective on brand creation.  He is a visionary leader and owner of Physique Fitness, a chain of five fitness clubs in the Willamette Valley. Landon has a strong focus on growth and believes in mastering the fundamentals of business to build a solid foundation for success. Landon’s fitness business success has come from mastering the fundamentals with constancy, and using these fundamentals to build a deep rooted foundation that can weather the ebbs and flows of business. In this episode, Landon reviews the steps taken to lay each brick of success in your fitness business.

About Our Guest

Landon’s journey began with humble beginnings, going door-to-door in search of his first training clients. Through his unwavering drive and entrepreneurial spirit, he has built a thriving business that has inspired and changed the lives of countless individuals. Landon’s passion for business is matched only by his faith, his love for his family, and his desire to make a positive impact. He is a visionary leader who, together with his wife Aubrey, has created a successful portfolio of businesses that include a successful short-term rental business, a coaching business, a management business, and most recently, three territories to open The Cover Wellness Franchise in Arizona.

Landon firmly believes in mastering the fundamentals with consistency, and using those fundamentals to build a deep-rooted foundation that can weather the ebbs and flows of business. He encourages others to embrace the process, understanding that failure is a natural part of the journey and that learning from it is crucial. He also emphasizes the importance of patience, recognizing that overnight success is rare.

what you’ll learn

  • The importance of mastering fundamentals in a fitness business
  • Keeping business fundamentals on track
  • Steps to getting your employees onboard
  • Delegating and trusting your team
  • Challenges of maintaining fundamentals as you grow
  • Making customers feel seen and heard


Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on the fundamentals specific to each position within the business.
  • Adapt the fundamentals as the business grows and changes.
  • Delegate and build a strong team to help maintain the fundamentals.
  • Learn from failures and use them as opportunities for growth.
  • Surround yourself with a support system, such as a Rex Roundtable group, to navigate the challenges of business ownership.

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