426 Partner Update: Jarron Aizen from OneFitStop Launches Hapana

426 Partner Update: Jarron Aizen from OneFitStop Launches Hapana

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Jarron Aizen, CEO of Hapana

Hapana is an innovator of essential fitness business management solutions, offering tools that allow both single-site and multi-location studios and clubs to grow, manage, engage, and create raving fans. Hapana makes the fitness brand experience better for everyone with a platform and services that are engineered for engagement, allowing brands to deliver beautiful experiences for members everywhere. Proudly founded in Sydney Australia, Hapana delights over a million members in more than 10 countries and is trusted by brands such as BFT, UFC Gym, Gold’s Gym, KX Pilates, LTYB, GoYoga, Vive Active, Infinite Cycle, and many more.

In this podcast partner update, Dori Nugent talks to Jarron Aizen, the CEO of Hapana about his decision to rebrand a successful business (OneFitStop) and why the time was right to evolve its marketing to convey the deep and rich offering built by their technology and development teams.

Jarron Aizen is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the computer software and technology industries. Jarron is the founder of Hapana, a SaaS software that streamlines core business management tools into one complete platform for the fitness industry. He is also a member of On Deck Scale’s 3rd Cohort (ODS3).


Your Podcast Snapshot

  • OneFitStop, after nine years, has grown to a new stage
  • One Fit Stop is now Hapana
  • The significance behind the name and the branding


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