Myzone Continues to Increase Member Engagement & Retention in 2023: Partner Update with Terry Woods

Myzone Continues to Increase Member Engagement & Retention in 2023: Partner Update with Terry Woods

Terry Woods, VP of Sales of the Americas for Myzone, joined the Fitness Business Podcast to provide an update on the company. Myzone has been around for eleven years, and it is present in over 9000 facilities, 85 countries, and 19 different languages. They have shipped over two and a half million devices. Terry has been with the company for two years and has been a user of the system for seven years. He spoke about the community created, and how proud he is of being a Myzone user.

What is the Myzone App?

Myzone is an app that helps people track their wellness and fitness goals. It uses a simple zone-like format to communicate users’ progress, with the World Health Organization’s standards for heart rate and points used as a basis. The app has been around for eleven years, and in that time it has gathered much data about how users interact with it, as well as data from external sources.

How Myzone Encourages Members to Stay Engaged with their Wellness Program

Myzone is especially successful in encouraging users to stay engaged with their wellness program due to its social connectivity. Myzone conducted a study of 63,000 members to observe the effects of social engagement on adherence to a wellness program. They found that those who connected with 4 or more people in the Myzone app were 41% more likely to remain engaged with their program. Additionally, those who actively engaged with other people’s posts were more likely to stay committed to their program. This highlights the importance of creating a social platform for users to interact, as it has a positive effect on engagement and retention.

MXM does net promoter scoring surveys with its membership base, and they’ve seen a nine to thirteen point difference in satisfaction between their Myzone users and non-Myzone users. Furthermore, those using the technology were almost ten points higher in satisfaction when asked about their fitness routine and results, and they were more likely to be members at the facility in six months.

These results show that the technology is successful in terms of engagement and retention. The success of the technology can also be seen through personal experiences and social interaction.

Your Podcast Snapshot

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  • Analysis of Social Platform Engagement and Retention in Wellness Programs
  • Analysis of My Zone User Satisfaction and Retention Rates
  • MyZone and Gym Engagement Strategies
  • Utilizing My Zone to Increase Member Engagement and Retention
  • Exploring the Benefits of My Zone: A Comprehensive Look at the Base Product and Beyond
  • MyZone’s Upcoming Product Launches for 2023
  • Deploying Myzone Technology in Your Fitness Club

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