377 Finding and Hiring Group Fitness Instructors with Staci Alden and Lauren George

377 Finding and Hiring Group Fitness Instructors with Staci Alden and Lauren George

Group Fitness experts Staci Alden and Lauren George pair up to discuss one of the current issues in group fitness: finding and hiring group fitness instructors. The pandemic forced group fitness instructors to scurry for alternative ways to continue to teach classes and earn an income, many instructors left the traditional “in-house” teaching environment and found themselves successful at on-line teaching.

Staci and Lauren bring creative ideas to this episode, especially on how to entice instructors back to your facility and how to seek out new talent. Staci is the group fitness and Pilates director at PRO Club located in Washington State. Lauren is the co-creator of Barre Above and the co-owner of the Fit Biz Club. Lauren lives in Mississippi along with her husband her two children.

Your Podcast Snapshot

  • Incentives and offers to attract new talent
  • New hires teaching a live class to ease them into the program
  • Utilizing new hires to help out in other departments

Resources Our Expert Shared in the Show

Where the Wild Things Were: Life, Death, and Ecological Wreckage in a Land of Vanishing Predators.

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