316: How to build trust within a team with Al Amador

316: How to build trust within a team with Al Amador

Al Amador is a Principal Consultant for The Table Group and the founder and president of Amador Consulting. Al brings extensive experience from the information technology field as a director of numerous enterprise implementations as well as over two decades of keynote speaking, communication training, teaching, coaching and facilitating. Al’s specialty is bringing executive leadership teams together to work on the key areas of; trust, meaningful conflict, commitment and clarity. His company, Amador Consulting, has served domestic and international leaders for over 10 years. Al has a reputation for connecting with both technical and business leadership teams.

If you go by the definition in Webster’s Dictionary, Trust is defined as a belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, or effective. Trust is everywhere, it is within our families, or marriages, our teams, our friendships, and our workplace. When trust doesn’t exist a disconnect will take place and mostly create failure. In my interview with Al, together, we will talk about not only how important trust is, but how to build trust amongst your co-workers–your team.

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  • The Four Disciplines of Organizational Health
  • How Can a Team Build Trust
  • Building Trust Amongst Your Team During Unconventional Times

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