508 Holding Your Team Accountable with Steph Tuss

508 Holding Your Team Accountable with Steph Tuss


Steph Tuss is the CEO of multimillion-dollar global consulting company Life Is Now, Inc., and co-host of Business Daily News’ top-ranked podcast – The Successful Mind. Steph discovered her love for teaching at a young age, beginning her career as an educator. It was during this time that her first born child faced health difficulties, and she decided to completely overhaul their diets to figure out the root cause. She went back to school to pursue a Master’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition, and opened a practice to help families who faced similar challenges. Fast forward a few years, Steph hired David Neagle and his team at Life Is Now, Inc., as her health practice’s business coach.

As she continued to scale her business, her love for entrepreneurship and growing businesses shined through. She sold her business at the age of 33 and joined Life Is Now, Inc. as the Director of Sales in 2009, before taking on the CEO role less than a decade later in 2016. In her six years at the helm of the company. Steph has become the primary driver behind all Life Is Now’s marketing, business development and brilliant team culture.

what you’ll learn

Steph Tuss emphasizes the importance of accountability in a team, and how it can lead to increased productivity and a positive team culture. She believes employees are more motivated when they feel a sense of purpose and are part of something meaningful. To foster accountability, Steph recommends having a clear vision for the business and communicating it to the team. She also suggests creating agreed-upon measures of success with team members, and revisiting them regularly to provide support and guidance. By focusing on the vision and empowering team members, leaders can create a culture of accountability and collaboration.

  • Importance of accountability and leaders failing to hold teams accountable       
  • Tips for holding staff accountable: vision, agreed-upon accountability points, revisiting conversations
  • Should business owners hold teams accountable?
  • Impact of accountability on team dynamics and productivity
  •  Leaders fail to make work meaningful for employees
  • Constructive criticism and empowering employees to find solutions
  • Fostering an environment of healthy debate and different ideas
  • Importance of psychological safety for innovation and growth
  • Building a culture where mistakes are accepted and learned from
  • Role of leaders as coaches and having difficult conversations

Key Takeaways:

  • A clear vision communicated to the team is essential for fostering accountability.
  • Agreed-upon measures of success help team members understand their responsibilities and hold themselves accountable.
  • Leaders should approach accountability conversations to support and empower team members, rather than to reprimand or criticize.
  • Building psychological safety within the organization encourages healthy debate and innovation.
  • Mistakes should be seen as learning opportunities, and leaders should model vulnerability by admitting their own mistakes.

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