276 Business Success in 2020 with the CEO of Crunch Franchising, Ben Midgley

276 Business Success in 2020 with the CEO of Crunch Franchising, Ben Midgley


Ben Midgley is the Chief Executive Officer & Founding Partner Crunch Franchising,

Ben is a 27 year veteran of the fitness industry and the only person in the industry to serve as the CEO and President of the 2 largest and fastest growing full size high value low price franchisees.

Ben has led the growth of Crunch Franchising from concept to one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the industry and is regularly featured in prominent business publications and programming.

He co-authored – with his father –  the book, Golden Circle Secrets, and on release it reached the #1 ranking on Amazon.com for Sales Management and Customer Service books.  He is also a contributing writer to Forbes.com.

Your Podcast Snapshot:

  • 3 key metrics to improve in your fitness business in 2020
  • Action steps to achieve the result for each metric
  • Tips to remain focused on your New Years Business Resolutions

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Ben Midgley 

Website: CRUNCH Fitness

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