266 How to Create Leaders in Your Business with COO of Merritt Clubs, Mark Miller

266 How to Create Leaders in Your Business with COO of Merritt Clubs, Mark Miller

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Mark Miller is the Chief Operating Officer of Merritt Clubs with over 25 years of experience at the Senior Management level; Mark joined the Merritt Team in 2000 as Regional Fitness Director responsible for all Fitness, Programming and Operations. Since that time he has moved into the strategic role of COO. In this capacity Mark is responsible for all the day to day management and operations of all 9 clubs, the Merritt consulting arm – MCM as well as its new Wellness division. He has a broad range of expertise including, club management, sales, revenue generation, personal training, programming, budgeting, and Cultural and service design in multi company environments.

In addition to running the Merritt Clubs, Mark speaks at several industry conferences, such as the IHRSA Institute, IHRSA international show, MACMA, NEHRSA, Club Industry and other shows locally and nationally. He trains and certifies other trainers, sits on a Round table of Executives as both a Chair and participant and writes for industry magazines, as well as consults for other clubs and operations.

Marks areas of expertise lies in Leadership and staff development, revenue generation through both sales and non dues revenue programming, strategic operations and systems development to name a few. He is adept at cultural development and structure and is dedicated to providing and ensuring organizational health and success through proper employee development, cultural and service design. To contact him for information, consulting or speaking please call 410-916-4431 or [email protected]

Your Podcast Snapshot:

  • What a leadership role should entail in a gym environment
  • Ways to identify future leaders in your business
  • How important is it for a leader to work in various departments during their training
  • Ways to develop leadership qualities in your team

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