041 The Best Of The Boys

041 The Best Of The Boys



Chantal Brodrick

Todays show is The Best Of The Boys! It brings together the best bits of advice, information and entertainment from some of our amazing guests on the show over the past few months.

Show 22JT from Active Management tells us what we need to know about our customers and creating your Avatar

Mike Michalowicz from Show 24 tells us about the Profit First Formula and how we can work it out for our own businesses and Mike shares his top 3 pieces of advice for Fitness Business Owners

In Show 25 – Tim Keightley gives us his top tips for keeping Personal Trainers motivated and what we should look for when recruiting personal trainers

Show 34, – Jim Worthington shares his 3 key habits for success.

Top Tips From The Show


JT from Active Management said we need to not focus on the demographics, but rather the needs of people.

We need to be able to identify and name 5 things our customers / avatar wants on their life wish list.

Mike Michalowicz said we should be selective of your clients – not all clients are created equal, look at the ones that are your best and focus on them. Have the courage to get rid of your weakest clients and automatically your profits get boosted.

Tim Keightley told us when recruiting new PTs, start by defining what you want your business to stand for, then look at what personal trainer you need to deliver that.

Jim Worthington reminded us to write down your goals every day. You are 7 times more inclined to accomplish something if you write it down and he said that successful people will do what unsuccessful people could do, but choose not to do!

Resources Our Experts Shared In The Show


Shows Mentioned
Justin Tamsett – Show 22
Mike Michalowicz – Show 24
Tim Keightley – Show 25
Jim Worthington – Show 34

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